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October 21, 2011



Go Patty!!


Pretty amazing! How cool is that? And your trees are just beautiful too! I'm just a little confused by your post though. Were you not aware that the magazine was going to publish your craft? I would have a problem if a publication published my design without my prior knowledge...


Wow! What a gorgeous spread, Patty! I cannot wait to find this issue. Your projects are beautiful and so enticing -- I'll bet the magazine's readers are reaching for their scissors and punches right now!


SWEEEET! I'm sure you had an ear to ear grin! As you should...Congratulations ;-) I actually like the straight up tree. For a minute there I thought something was wrong with the image in the magazine until you explained. They all look beautiful. Have a great weekend...Ms. "published one" ;-)

Lisa Prokop

Congratulations! I'm putting that magazine on my shopping list!


Wow! Congratulations- your projects look awesome!!

Nicole K.

so awesome patty!!! congrats!

Aunt Sue

I am so happy for you Patty. Everything is adorable! Can't believe I have a famous niece! I'd be smiling too!

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