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September 02, 2011


Red Lucky Mouse

I like white.
A coat rack young, fresh and light now. :))
Nice to see things that keep the memory of dear ones and about childhood.

We have two chairs from my grandmother's house. I repainted with paint spray, twice. And made ​​new soft seating.
And the good old big chair my husband's mother was repainted with paint spray. Sitting upgraded from a winter coat.
Mother's big chair and grandmother's chairs cause the good memories. :))

coat stand

I also have a coat rack but it is made of wood, It is very old since my grandpa has used it, I could spray paint over it to make it as beautiful as yours.


I just thrifted a beautiful metal coat rack and wanted to paint it, about how many cans of spray did you end up using?


Hi Kristen!
I used one can. It was plenty! Have fun!

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