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May 09, 2011


Kimberly G.

I absolutely LOVE the family photos! Some terrific shots. I especially love the one of you at the end of the post (your shoes are darling).


Busy, busy, busy . . . now, breathe! Great photos, and I love the new header. Very cute popsicles, too. Sharon

Nicole K.

oh my word patty - reading that post is making me tired!! busy indeed!!

i have to say though i'm so impressed with all the photos of YOU. a gorgeous family photo, photo with your kids, your mom AND you by yourself - if i was there i would give you a hug and whisper good job :)

(and tell sarah i'm loving the braces!)


Barb Liberti

It's about time, I've missed you! ;) The photos are precious, funny, great memories...Sarah, your smile is still beautiful! Ben, love your Phillies shirt!


Hey girl. Just catching up with your digital you. Dan and I had a chuckle at your vogue picture. So funny! 3 generations of your Mom's great sense of humor!

Talk to you soon... I hope.
Love, Me


sarah 12 + braces and ben and his first communion - oh boy they are growing up so fast Patty! i love that family portrait :)

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