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October 13, 2010



Hi Patty,
That apron is just too cute. A very neat idea to use it as kitchen curtains. Those flower pens are fun and cheerful. They make great teacher gifts. A cute presentation is to fill a little flower pot with small pebbles and stick 2-3 flower pens in it. My daughter Juli gave me a little metal watering can with flower pens . I think she picked it up at a craft fair. It's is a very easy craft project -- the pens are just every Bic Pens that had a flower hot glued on the top and then the pen was wrapped in green floral tape. I think i would make it more secure by adding a thin gauge wire through the flower which can wrap around the pen and covered with the floral tape.
I am glad you liked the pictures of the raspberries. They are offspring from the raspberries Mimi grew on 4th Street in Coplay. Dad dug some up and brought them up to us. He has some in his garden too. I am sure he would be happy to give you some raspberry shoots if you are not already growing some. I was lucky to have all three of my kids get to know Mimi - not everyone has the opportunity to know a great-grandmother. Mimi is always thought of as we are picking and eating HER raspberries.
Catch you later,


I LOVE that apron!! And what a fabulous idea to use as a curtain! I never fail to be inspired by your blog. It starts with me thinking "Hmm, I'll just check in and see what she's up to" and ends with "that's a great idea!" and an empty chair at my computer desk as I run off to try out something new. :)
Happy Monday to you!

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