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June 29, 2010


lori vliegen

it sounds like your summer is going great.....lots of time for trips to the library and ice cream shop!! i love your doggie collection....my aunt had some of those, too....oh, it brings back such memories to see these!! congrats to ben on his baseball season.....there's nothing like a shiny trophy sitting in your bedroom to make you feel really great!!! and most importantly.....woo hoo to you for your collaboration with styrofoam!!!!! that is fantastic!!! i can't wait to see all of the fabulous projects you came up with.....i already know that it's magnificent!!! SO SO happy for you!!!! xoxox, :))

Ashley @ The Creative Place

Fun summer times :) Yay for summer! :) Congrats on the projects for styrofoam!! That is so GREAT!!! YAY!! Can't wait to see your projects :)

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