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March 18, 2010



Hi Patty, I found your blog from Lori Vliegen (isn't she a sweetheart?). My favorite season is Sprummer, when it's just perfect for everything...not too hot yet, warm enough in the evenings, all the early flowers in full bloom, and the days much longer than the nights. And I think I should win the giveaway, because Tuesday is my birthday....how's that for pressure?
Great blog ideas you have. Thanks for the inspiration.
(Yes, I was feeling chatty)


I, too, just discovered your beautiful blog. I am truly a spring person. Everything does come alive. There are new discoveries each day in the yard ~ today, the snowdrops are blooming, the forsythia is just showing a bit of yellow, the goldfish survived the winter in the pond. We don't always get a real spring on Cape Cod as the water keeps us cool. I love working in the garden. My motto is, "At the end of the day you should smell like dirt!"

Nicole Klein

Wow look at all that great stuff!!
Well...my favorite season is fall - probably because i just like the things that go along with that season...start of school, cooler days, crisp air, pumpkin patches...etc. BUT I have to say having a 60 degree day today - after a long winter - is pretty nice too :)

lori vliegen

well, you KNOW i wouldn't want to miss out on one of your giveaways.....looks at all of these fabulous goodies!!!! yippppeeee!! my favorite season is autumn....i love it when the weather cools off from the long, hot summer and you get to pull your sweaters out and wear socks again!! plus, it's a great excuse to stay inside and bake cookies and drink lots of hot chocolate!!! woo hoo!! xox, :))))


Fall is my favorite - I love the colors, the smells and most of all the food!

Barb Liberti

My favorite season is probably whichever one I'm in...except the winter thing is a little too long. The fresh green of spring, with the cool breezes, the budding of the trees and popping up of the tulips. The warm nights, the humming of the bees, bright sunshine and the hummingbirds. Fall brings beautiful colors and snappy fragrances, the crunching of leaves under foot. Winter...well the air clears everything, the nippy evenings, covering up with handmade quilts, sitting in front of the fire. Yup, not too long ago it was too cold...and pretty soon it'll be too hot. Oh the glory of it. Isn't HE great!
Enjoy your first days of spring.


Oh please! I love all!! I hope I can enter :)

hugs from Spain :)

sue harter

I've been meaning to tell you that Eric's preschool teacher was in the hospital and we made your flowers for her and she loved them. I love your work and today I bought all my stuff to make your spring wreath with Eric this weekend.

Mary K

It's a tie between Spring and Fall. I love Spring because of the color and the newness and the warmer weather. I love Fall because of the cooler, crisp days and pumpkin pickin, apple pickin, pepper pickin and anything else that we can find to pick :). Oh yeah, hayrides and apple cider too....

Mary K


I love spring! New flowers popping up from the ground, new buds on the trees - the anticipation of summer coming. Birds chirping. Opening the windows, grilling out for the first time! So many wonderful things happen in spring! :)

Love your blog and etsy shop! :)


My favorite season is Winter. I love the stillness and the beauty of everything covered in clean snow-it inspires me! I'm always at my craftiest then :-)


Wow....Spring is my favorite. The first buds, etc, Fall is a very close second. I really do enjoy all the changes of all four seasons........
love your blog soooooo much
thanks for sharing so much inspiration!!
keeping my fingers crossed


Heeey - wow what wonderfull and lovely stuff. My favourite season ist spring - everything is waking up and everybody is happy - i love this time...


Hey There, Ms. Patty! What a fabulous giveaway--I love each and every adorable prize!! I'm seeing a whole lot of votes for Spring, but I've got to admit, I'm more of a Fall-Girl. I love when things cool off and the leaves turn. Add in college football games and I'm in heaven!


My favorite season is the summer! Yep, even though most people in this area don't care for the heat I wait and wait and wait all winter long. I will say though that I don't get stiffled by heat easily....so it's okay. But I "freeze" at the first chilly breeze ;)I love not having to wear a coat, the warm feeling of the sun on my skin, the picnics, the beach...Ahhhh. Spring would be my next favorite...'cause then comes summer ;) Thanks!


I have to agree with you!
Spring is by far my favorite season. It’s the breath of fresh air, awakening and energetic! I live in MN where its been a bitter cold, snowed in misery of a winter. I just moved into a house a year ago with a large yard that the previous owner planted many pretties: 6 lilac bushes, 4 peony plants, 3 apple trees, a pear tree, a plumb tree, a wild flower garden, a cutting garden and a vegetable garden (I planted the cutting and vegetable gardens last year). Needless to say I am happily outside all spring and summer just trying to maintain all of its beautiful glory!

Jennifer Samanka

It is between Spring and Fall.. they are when things change.. I guess that is why I love them so much.


Spring, by far:D. Thanks for this opportunity

Angie Aleszczyk

Patty My favorite season has to be SPRING... time to think of flowers, veggie gardens...more sunshine...and lets not forget FREE RITAS tomorrow.....

Becky Green

Spring is a favoite season for me,love the little grape hyacinths popping up on the front lawn.the bright red cardinals sitting in the bare maple tree waiting their turn to eat at the feeders.Trees are beginning to bud and warm days replace the dreary cold days of winter. The warm sun on your face and the smell of fresh air...wow a good day to sit on the deck or work in the garden,couldn't be any better


I love spring because it gives me the sense of everything fresh and new, the flowers and trees blooming, making my allergies all crazy, baby birds and rabbits and other such wildlife, and lets not forget fishing season, that takes my husband and son out of the house so I can scrap and spring clean (okay, be honest, more scrapping than cleaning), with the radio turned up in my happy little place. Thank you for the chance to add your gave a way to my stash!

Jennifer Parris

Spring is my favorite of course! I love that the daffodils are blooming, and the tulips are beginning to pop out of the ground. It was almost 70 degrees today. You can't beat that!

Casey Wright

Ooh! These are beautiful! My favorite season is actually fall - I love it because it's the beginning of the holidays, the colors of nature are wonderful and I just love the crispness in the air. That's one of the reasons we chose the fall to get married! Thanks for the opportunity to win!


Spring is my favorite. After a long winter of the sun setting way too early, I love the longer days and sun shining on the new buds!


These are so cute! I found your blog on Stumbleupon. I'm moving to a new apartment soon and all of your "Monday Make-Its" would help brighten it up! :]

My favorite season is Winting - the time at the end of winter but just before the beginning of spring. Here in Seattle, it is definitely a welcome change from the rain. It gives us crystal clear days with a warm sun, let just enough of a cold breeze that we don't panic (haha)


Lisa Mesecar

Hi Patty,

I just found your shop on etsy today when I was looking at Spring garlands.
My favorite season is summer. I like hot weather, gardening, camping, swimming. Spring is a good time for crafting though.



Hello! Spring is definitely my favorite season! I love it for the little details:
my cats sitting in the window lazily; the warm breeze coming through; being able to hear excited voices running and playing outside; and of course fresh delicious veggies when the farmer's market opens! I also love that slight warmth from the sun on your skin in Spring!


I am a major fan of fall and winter because I get to layer and be comfortably warm whenever I want. I find that during the spring I end up having to shed my layers throughout the day and carry them everywhere, and summer is just so hot!


I just found your site as well! So cute! I can't really say that one season or another is my favorite. I love to watch nature spring back into life in the spring, go into full bloom in the summer, give off lovely shows of color in the fall, and sleep peacefully under a blanket of snow in the winter (here in Alaska, anyhow!). I'm ambiguous, I know!


Hey! My favorite season is proppably summer! Being Greek, I always go on vacation around the Greek islands, with the beautiful Meditarrean sun, the beaches, the crystal-clear water... Aahhh.. Summer!!

Kisses from Greece!

(can I enter, bu the way???!!)


Spring is definitely my favorite. All the new plants, and the ways the brown gives way to green....Love it.

Blueberry Blonde

I love winter. It is crisp, clean and I love cross country skiing!


I love autumn...I love to hear the leaves crunch when I walk outside!


Ooooh-what a wonderful give-away!!! My favorite season is Fall. I love crisp fall days...the vivid oranges, yellows, and reds...pumpkins & visiting the pumpkin patch...raking the leaves...Yes, fall is definitely my favorite. :)


I do enjoy the changes of the seasons. In my neck of the woods I am able to enjoy all 4 seasons. I do find a great excitement when summer is coming to an end and fall is on it's way.The crisp air,the beautiful fall leaves that Northeast Tennessee displays, roaring fires in our fireplace, fall decorating, raking and burning leaves, and this is the time that I love to bake goodies! I am happy that spring is on it's way though!

erin eileen

SPRING is just so lovely. i love its smells :)

Nancy Myers

I love the end of summer the beginning of Fall. Living in Vermont you can only imagine the beauty that awaits all Vermonters in only a few short weeks. The crisp smell of Autumn in the evening is wonderful sitting out back by our campfire. The colors begin to change right before our eyes & everything looks so vibrant!
Stumbled on your page and love it! I'll be back!


Renee H

I just stumbled upon your blog. Man I love FireFox stumble! You find cool stuff like your site!

For me, it's a toss up between Spring and Fall. I love spring because of the newness of it all. The colors bursting forth after the long winter. I grew up in Michigan...so winter was long and snowy and COLD. Spring was full of color and sunshine and wonderful smells.

I love Fall because of the change. I love the fall colors. The warm afternoons and cool evenings that it brings after the long humid summer. (again with the Michigan weather)

Spring is energetic and Fall is cozy.

Chelle Lamb

My favourite season is spring. About 3 years ago I moved to the USA (NC) from the UK, and spring in NC is what reminds me most of home before the humid NC summer sets in! Plus there are so many fantastic colours and new life which present perfect opportunities to take pictures of my daughter outside!

Chelsea Polette

I LOVE summer. It's beautiful and free. I love the heat and how relaxing an ice cold drink can feel :)


I just Stumbled onto your site: CUTE!:) Sign me up for a give away and I'll be bookmarking your blog.:)
My favorite season is Fall because I am absolutely in love with long belted sweaters, blue jeans and coffee. I love the colorful trees and the slightly-sad feeling of oncoming-but-not-quite-yet winter.

Marisa Orlandi

Hey there! I just stumbled upon your blog and I must say I'm in love :)
My favorite season is summer, preferably in Indiana. I love the long, warm days of summer and running barefoot through bright green grass. I love those freezer pops you get in a pack of 100 that you freeze yourself and listening to a bird called the "whipperwill" after the sun has gone down. There is NOTHING like a summer in the country :)


hello! I just Stumbled onto your site! My favorite season has to be spring/easter. the main reason it is my favorite season is because of my mom, she has given me at least one easter bunny every year since I was born. Some times my mom would give me 2 or 3 but one year she had given me 10! but sadly when I was nine years old my mom and dad seperated, so my bunnies got lost either between moving form Texas to Lousiana, or just moving all over south Texas, not being able to take more than what would fit in a small car. I guess that was just a way of my mom telling me that she loved me. my birthday is also on April 26!

Henria O.

Thanks for this awesome giveaway! Spring is my favorite season...I love that everything feels new and alive again after the long, cold winter!


I also love the spring season, not to hot, not to cold. Thanks for the chance to win some fantastic items patty!!!

Sarah L

Mine is fall followed by spring. I love all of the new stuff you have up on Etsy!!!

Smythe Casiano

Ilove spring TOO,

Also Fall--not to cold not too hot..I just bought my stuff for my green grass wreath today can't wait for the kids bedtime to put it together!!

Niki Perry

Summer is my favorite season because I love the long sunny hot days and the idea of going to the beach and putting my toes in the sand.

Lisa Kennedy

I found your blog through your spring grass wreath project -- so cute!

I enjoy both Spring and Fall because of the great temperatures! I love being able to enjoy a meal outside on the patio.

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