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March 16, 2010



Well, you certainly covered a lot in this post! First, happy birthday Miss Aubrie. I love, love the pictures of our family's Sarahs. I still miss Mimi. Sarah has a wonderful namesake. I love looking through old family pictures and see just how that genetic ribbon of traits interlace through all the generations. Thanks for sharing.

Nicole Klein

Oh my word that resemblance is amazing!!! How funny that her namesake is also someone that she looks so similiar to.
And once again, as always, such creative work patty!

lori vliegen

your niece is precious......happy birthday to her!!
and my goodness....i can't believe how much your sarah looks like her mimi!!! wow, amazing!!
speaking of amazing.....i'm LOVING your little paisley doodles, especially in the form of those cute little matchbooks!! too cute!!!!

p.s. i made a spring green wreath and have it posted on my blog.....along with a little bragging about you (well deserved, i'd say!!)!
thanks again for the great tutorial! xoxo, :))))

Cousin JIll

Wow! I can't believe the resemblance of Mimi and Sarah. That is so neat!

A Facebook User

Hi, I was at your site adoring the spring wreath when I came upon the photographs of Sarah and Sarah. I just want to comment on the striking resemblance of the two, isn't genetics amazing!! Thanks for sharing that.

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