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March 14, 2010



O my goodness how adorable!!! I'm going to make this for sure - maybe for my new granddaughter, who has the cutest little bare feet, ever!

Denise Thrriault

Love this craft. quick and simple and makes a perfect gift.

Jo Ann

Cute, cute, cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I was really excited about doing this, and found most of the products needed. The problem I had was with the fun fur. I can't find the longer "lashes" one. The only one I found is quite short, and I'd need about 5 rolls, not 1 roll, to achieve the fullness depicted in the image above. I did, however, find the flowers at Walmart on a roll for $3.97, as well as the pins.

Carole Rotando

This ia a super easy - very hospitable wreath - so CREATIVE!!!!


I love this! The bare feet sign is perfect. I'm hosting a spring link up today on my blog (http://rustsunshine.blogspot.com/). Would love it if you joined in with any of your great Easter or Spring projects!

sue frey

I made this wreath and it is very cute!


I found this by complete accident. I actually saw this wreath as a crafty idea download on a website that has now taken down the content (which is great because I was just about to contact them). They gave no credit to this website and they had even used your original photos. Regardless, they have already taken it down (on favecrafts.com) but I am so excited that I have found the original creator!! :D I made a version of this a few days ago and linked back to this from my blog: http://www.holycrapliz.com/2012/04/492012-22.html

I just loved the idea!!! :D

Auto Accident Attorney

That's so cute! I love the use of that really cool yarn, but I would even consider using the tie-dye colored kind too! Thanks for the awesome share, and p.s.--this is an incredibly simple, but totally genius idea!

Laura Perkins

Beautiful wreath! I saw a picture of this on Pinterest and was inspired to make my own. I went a slightly different route and knitted some roses.

Here is my blog post on it;


Baby Gift Baskets

Unique wreath. I love the idea of putting grass on it. It looked beautiful, especially with those little white/pink flowers.

Bonnie Chumney

Sooooo cute! You wouldn't happen to have a printable cut-out of the little flag, would you?


Thanks for sharing! I have been blogging my way through Pinterest and this was my 195th project! I shared your link on my site and I love my wreath hanging in my kitchen.



Carolyn H.

Been looking for some ideas for our church spring craft sale. This may
be one I can actually handle! Thanks!


Hi Shelley,
Im glad you tried making a baby grass wreath. I had no trouble using the fun fur yarn - no knotting, shedding, etc...
Im not familiar with haute fur, in fact, I had to google it. It looks similar to the fun fur. So, I wouldnt think it would make that much of a difference using one or the other.
Enjoy your wreath!

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this is beautiful having a bit a a problem getting the fun fur but, won't stop looking till I have this my son will love this (he's a special child) and I know he will love making me this again THANK YOU


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Thanks, Alice! Hope you and your son can try making this wreath. Its really very simple, but makes such a fun spring statement!xo, Patty J

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