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March 14, 2010



Hi Patty,
This is adorable, I love it! I may have to make one or two for spring. A few painted eggs and bunny sitting in the middle will be great for Easter!
Thanks for the inspiration.


I LOVE this!!! Where did you get the pink pins? I always have trouble finding them!

Cousin Jill

Very cute Patty!

Happy Spring! :)

Lisa Prokop

I was wondering what you were making with the things you were buying last week when I saw you at work!
I might just have to pick up the supplies tomorrow. . .

Miss Crafty Fingers

this is so refreshingly cute & gorgeous! :)


Just linked to your page from one pretty thing............this is such a great idea and simple, too!
Thank you so much for the post!


I love it Never thought abt using the yarn to wrap a wreath in Thanks for posting

Missie @ Crafting with Cat Hair

This is so adorable. I used to have a pure hatred for fun fur but now I love it! I can't wait to give this a try this weekend. Thank you so much for the tutorial.

Angie Aleszczyk

Patty such a cute idea....I hve plans to go to J's this week..I will make sure I pick up some of the supplies..thanks for the idea.....I just made a SPRING BANNER for my kitchen window this will look great hanging with it..

lori vliegen

fabulous tutorial, patty!!!! this is SO cute, i'm definitely going to make one.....and then another for my mom, my daughter.......the list goes on!!!
you're the best for sharing this with us!!! xox, :))


This really is a cute idea. I never can figure out what to do with some of that "fun yarn" stuff that always makes it way into my sewing room!

Petrina McDonald

Patty that is THE cutest little wreath!!! wow!!! oh i wish it was spring here again!!!!


This is darling! I can see wanting to touch it all the time. :)

Heather - Dollar Store Crafts

This is so cute. I thought I had seen every wreath known to man until this one! :)


Wow! That looks so easy even I could do it and it's so dang cute!


Wow! This is so simple yet so effective! I love it! Thank you for the tutorial, I want to make one of these for Easter!


Such a lovely lovely blog! Must go and see more :)


It's soooo cute Patty! I'm gonna post it on my blog! check it out; www.donkeyandthecarrot.blogspot.com

Angie @ The Country Chic Cottage


Sarah L

Love it ,,,,,,made mine yesterday!!


I've just found my next project. This is darling! Thanks for sharing!


this is adorable!! super easy but so perfect. i'm off to get my green fun fur out of the back of my yarn closet.

Suzonne Stirling

So cute! It reminds me of vintage bottle brush decorations. I love it!


This is so fabulous Patty!! Very clever & looks so delightful...can wait to get creating this!! Thank you


What a great idea! I just may have to borrow it and make one of my own!


That so adorable!


Hi Patty! LOVE this idea...so simple to make, yet so whimsical and fun to look at. I can't wait to make one for my front door. I may make a few as gifts, too. You're a genius! Thanks once again for the inspiration! Enjoy this nice warm weather! Leslie


Very cool! Now I want to make one...and I don't need another wreath!


This is so pretty! I love the idea of the textured yarn on the wreath to create a grass look!

Nicole Klein

wow patty this is great!!
now just to find some time to whip one up :)
thanks so much for sharing such an awesome tutorial. thinking it would be great all spring/summer long and you could easily mix it up with other flowers or pieces in the grass for different holidays - like today how cute would clovers be. really need to get to joanns :)

Becky Green

Love the wreath idea but have search our craft stores and no luck with finding the supplies would someone be willing to share where they found their supplies?


Okay...that is super cute...


Just made one- super easy and so cute!


Really cute wreath! Will defintiely be making one of these.


this is so cute... just made one. so easy, fast, adoreable... "Please don't eat the daisies"...

thanks for posting this.


Adorable! I can't wait to try this! Thanks for sharing. hugs, Debbie

Saucy Chick Sherry

Thanks for the wonderful easy tutorial on this adorable spring green wreath. Super cute and doable. Happy creating...


very nice!!!

Becky Clark

Oh so cute~ I think I'm gonna have to try this one!


Thanks so much for the tutorial..it gave me the inspiration I needed for my Spring Wreath. If you get a chance check it out at http://jos2ndact.blogspot.com/2010/03/spring-wreath.html


Oh my goodness this is absolutely adorable!!! I'm definitely going to have to make one of these for our front door! :) Thanks for sharing :)

Barb Liberti

I agree with Becky Green...can't find the lime green fun fur anywhere...probably the only color I don't already have. Any suggestions other than ordering it through Lion?

Carmel Crook

This is so inspiring! You could make one for each season! Oh i love it!!! :D


I made one, okay two! I linked to your blog here:


Thanks for the fun idea!


Thank you Patty for the great wreath instructions !!! I ran out to Joanns first thing this morning to buy the stuff to make one. It is so cute,,,good easter gift for the mom's !!!


Hi Patty,
This is absolutely beautiful & what a unique idea for an Easter wreath. I love it! I wanted to let you know that I have featured you on my blog here:


I hope you'll stop by. Feel free to grab my FEATURED button on the top left hand-side of my blog :)


I saw your project on Delicious Ambiguity. Your wreath is beautiful.

Jen Davis

Wow! How adorable is this???? Having fun catching up on your blog...since our spring break it's been busy around here and finally I'm getting back into the blogging groove.

Would you mind if I featured your project in an upcoming post for Today's Mama? If it would be alright I'd snag a photo and then send them to your blog post for more details...let me know when you have the time, no rush! =)



Oh my oh my, and how simple it is and so very nice. Thanks for coming up with a super cute idea.

Connie O

I bet you can use differant color fun fur and make these for all holidays!


I just finished my first green grass wreath. I am sending it as an Easter present, so I am now working on a second one for myself!


Thanks for the great tutorial. :)


that is too cute!

Rerto Jordans

Your blog is perfect! Very good article gives a person see admire that has a kind of feeling! Xi xi you share!

Mark Iragana

Good artwork. I like the way you make the grass thing. Good job, I like the content of your blog.


Absolutely adorable!!!

Jenny Matlock

I love this! I'm going to put up a picture on my blog and send people here for a tutorial. This is soooooo cute!


That is so Darling,
wish I had the time to do it maybe later.



Go Green ! I love being barefoot welcome :)


What a gorgeous and springy wreath. I love it! Thanks for the tutorial.


This is absolutely darling!!!! Great tutorial, too, it really does look like a simple project. I'm going to share this on my {craft, interrupted} FB page : ) I love it!!


I am for sure gonna make this! Love it!


I love this . Can I use it on my blog?

Mariaelena Ullinger

this is so darling....so glad I came across your blog...following now...visit me at my blog and follow along if you'd like....thanks for sharing....Mariaelena

Linda Hardesty

I just ran into your blog and love this wreath. Very cute and very inventive. My daughter and I are planning a trip to Joann's tomorrow afternoon and I'm going to get the supplies and make one of these for our home. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful idea and project.

reFresh reStyle

I love this, saw it on another blog and said I want to recreate that! Until, I saw all that wrapping! It's so cute, maybe one day!!!



This is so cute! Love it. Going to make one today!!!


I love this!~


I love this wreath! I started making one, but ran out of yarn (I got a 12" form). Got more yarn, and while I was working late, my 13-yo daughter completed the wreath. I was proud of her, but kind of disappointed, because I wanted to make it! I'll just have to make another. Thank you so much for posting this.


I made this for a friend for her April birthday, and she loved it! I had to adapt it a bit (I wanted to make it with no pins because she has 3 cute little girls), so I used a ribbon of daisies and wrapped it lightly around the "furry" wreath, then sewed the ends of the ribbon together. It came out so cute! I posted it in my Facebook photos.
2011 Knitting and Craft Projects album.
Thanks so much for this tutorial.

Amy O'H.

*Love* this wreath! How fun!

Terri rudd

Loved this wreath.I made mine with a green boa instead of the yarn looks just as nice as yours thanks.


I've pinned this all over the place :) and was inspired to create two of my own. I now want to do a royal blue cookie monster one, a black googly eyes one for halloween, etc. Help, you've created an (awesome) monster!!! xoxo


I can hardly wait to go to the craft store tomoorow. cute, cute, cute


I absolutely love this! I am definitely going to make this! Thank you!

Dessa Rose

How much yarn does a 12" wreath take?


ok Patty - thanks for your email - I did a version of yours (LOVE LOVE LOVE it - it's hanging on the front door now and getting sooo many compliments!!!) plus a yellow one, and I am going to make a black & orange one for halloween and a royal blue one with googly eyes for cookie monster. http://inspiredbysaturday.com/Blog/tabid/56/entryid/19/Spring-Wreaths.aspx

Love that you shared this awesome idea with us :)

Kim Folstrom

What a super fun wreath. I love it!!! Can't wait to one for myself, and Karen's idea of adding easter eggs and a bunny for Easter is super. Thank you so much for this project!!!


Love it - would you consider selling one? How much would you ask? My email: [email protected]


I found this project on pinterest and just tried it out yesterday. It only cost me about $15, and it took me less than an hour! (The most time consuming part was wrapping the yarn around). I loved the result SO much that I'm making a second one as a gift to my grandmother.

I did a small variation on yours, in that instead of daisies, I purchased silk flowers in pink and white, and stuck those in instead! I love how the wreath turned out- thank you SO much for a great tutorial!


Notice a theme?? everyone says they HAVE TO DO IT RIGHT NOW just like I did... LOL

now THAT is a powerfully awesome project!!! xoxo


I saw this on Pinterest and just had to have one of my own. I wrote about it on my blog here: http://tomatoesforapples.blogspot.com/2012/02/springtime-wreath.html. Thank you so much for posting the tutorial. It added a much needed touch of spring to my front door.


This is adorable! I bought all the materials today and made it tonight, I love it!! I may add a bunny in the middle for Easter. Your instructions were perfect, thank you so much.


although this is super cute, the picture makes it appear larger than it actually is, if you use the 8" foam wreath. In fact, when we were finished with it today, we put it on our front door, and it looks like a little green furry lifesaver candy stuck to the door, instead of a big, beautiful wreath. I think at this size, it would be much better as an indoor wall decoration, or as a centerpiece at a spring tea. To make it as a door wreath, I think you would need to use the 12" foam wreath, and increase your skeins of yarn to at least 2--I used 1/2 the skein on my 8" one, and wrapped it several times. Otherwise, this is very cute, and a great project to do with your kids!


I am making the wreath right now. Just jumped onto my computer to reread your directions. I couldn't find the green eyelash yarn that you used, but I did find some Martha Stewart glitter eyelash. So mine will be very sparkly. I wanted to check out if you glued the daisies on or just pined them. I am giving mine to a friend with little ones and I was thinking of gluing instead of using the pins. Thank you for posting this project.


Mel McCarthy

Such a gorgeous wreath and clever clever idea, Patty!

Lourrie Livingston

I am located in Alabama and our Dollar Tree carries this type of fun fur for only $1.00 each, everytime I find it there I buy as much as I can, thanks for the idea to finally use some of it

Beth Bricker

I love it. I plan to make one for the door of my vintage trailer.


This wreath is beautiful! I have made three and blogged about them today. Thank you for sharing this!


Karen Surette

I,m an activities coordinator for a senior center and can't wait for my seniors to do this awsome project. Just one question, how large are the daisies? I purchased some on the internet but I believe they are 1/2 inch and I think yours are 1" could you please let me know.

Thanks, Karen


I just made this and it turned out great! Thanks for the idea!


How much yarn did this take?

Michele Nugent

Too cute! Goin to HAVE to make this!!!!

Mrs. B.

Just saved this as "A DARLING Spring Wreath to make"---and asap! Thank you so much!!! :-)


This is so cute!! I love it! I made one last night that is similar. My "grass" is pink and I'm going to Michael's today to get some larger silk daises to put on it. Thanks for the idea!!

Lizy B

This is fabulous!! Can't wait to try it! I even have micheals coupons in my hot little hand!

Tamara Ahrens

Thanks for the inspiration! After seeing some comments about how small the 8" wreath would be, I picked up a 12" foam wreath. It took about 1 and 1/3 skeins of the Fun Fur. I also could not locate the Lime color (without having to special order it and wait 2+ weeks), so I just made mine with the varigated Fun Fur in Spring colors. Doesn't have the green grass effect, but looks just as cute. I also opted for small silk daisies instead of the trim as the trim I found was too expensive for this project. Again, thanks for the inspiration! I needed something spring-y to hang on my front door!

Sue McRae

Such a charming wreath, love it!

Sarah Allcock

That is SO CUTE! I'm going to have to run to Joann's and get those supplies. Thanks for sharing.

Heidi Nobmann

I just made this "boy-friendly" and 12" wreath (I have 3 boys and one on the way). Thanks so much for such a fun and happy front door!


Adorable!!! Thanks for the share! xo <3

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