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January 12, 2010


Barb Liberti

maybe I need to get one of these to teach me patience as well. days are getting longer...spring is getting closer...you can almost taste it, or at least smell it.

Heather DeFiore

Patty, I too am waiting for my orchids to rebloom. It is the first time I am getting them to rebloom. I don't have lots of patience, but the outcome of this will be BEAUTIFUL!! One is yellow & the other is orange. I do have a nice dark green thumb, but haven't had good luck with orchids. I have a sanseveria for the past 16 years I had to grow in high school. I can't wait for spring or atleast temps above 32 degrees.

Petrina McDonald

yes Patty - it will be well worth it. I'm wishing that when summer is over I could just skip to next spring and have summer all over again. But then again, I'd best not wish the year away - i will be patient and enjoy the "now" i think. I can't wait to see how you photograph the bloom.


i love orchids!!!
and was actually debating about picking one up the other day..there is something so great about blooming flowers this time of year...enjoy them!

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