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September 27, 2009



Awwww! I love the toothless grin! Such a funny post to read tonight as my daughter just lost a molar tonight. Well, as we prayed together before she went to bed, she asked Jesus if tooth fairies are real! Love the innocence and imagination of a child. She has been proding and asking questions about tooth fairies: "Where do they get the money?, Where does she live?, etc. Enjoying these conversations with her knowing that before I know it they too will fade into time like "pixie dust". :)

Barb Liberti

Very proud of you, Sarah. I had to have dental work this past week...it's never fun...no matter how old you get.


Ben looked like me at one time. I waited a looong time for my two front teethers to come in!

I heard that Todd was surprised that he didn't get a phone call to come and sit on Sarah, LOL! Proud of you Sarah!

Cute flowers Patty!


well hopefully that toothfairy doesn't get wore out...or go broke in the process :) hadn't even though about how that will all go once j&l are at that age - she'll probably be working everynight. hehe.

also love those flowers - you seriously blow me away with your creations!

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