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August 04, 2009



love the bookmarks patty - printing them out right now!!

a few of my recent favs -
The Help by Kathryn Stockett
and Everyone is Beautiful by Katherine Center



Luv the bookmarks...thanx so much!!


Beautiful bookmarks! Thank you! Guess what? I'll be printing these beauties on some cardstock that has lines (like school paper) on only one side. Why? Because when I read sometimes I take notes (esp. school books or my Bible). Sooo, on one side will be your pretty decorations and I'll take notes on the lines in the back.
I sometimes have time to read a classic and the last one I read was is My Antonia by Willa Cather (sp.?) Superb writing and I did not want the story to end. Thanks again, Laura


Thanks Patty for the bookmarks ! ; ) Hope you are enjoying the last few weeks of Summer ! oh, have you read THE MIDDLE PLACE by: Kelly Corrigan yet?


LOVE your bookmarks. Great way to tie into your etsy shop which is fab as well. Clever, unique ideas.


Thank you - these are so very stylish and much nicer than a gas receipt!

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