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February 17, 2009


Sarah L

I don't know I think Molly may have her beat...when she cries in the middle of the night Kevin or I will go out and lay on the couch with her...we have to fix this before the baby arrives in the summer!!


LOVE the layout! Love it!!

Jen Davis

Just too stinkin' adorable! Makes me miss our old husky that we had...she was the absolute best dog. Love the layout! =) That MM journaling sheet is perfect for that pattern!

Rebecca Vavic

Cute, cute CUTE !!!

Angie Aleszczyk

Great layout just look how little that puppy was....just like the kids they grow really fast..
I am lovin that paper got me some from Inspired Treasures last week..its on my pile of
"to do next" just gotta figger what photos to use....might have to just use a doggie picture....
thanks for sharing all these great layouts/ideas with us.


i just adore this layout, patty! it is gorgeous! and how I miss a good dunkin donuts coffee!!!! yet another thing we don't have here in 'paradise'. grass is def greener where there is dunkin donuts coffee, that is for sure. :)

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