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January 29, 2009


Kimberly S.

I love your designs! They are very inspiring.

Thanks Patty,


I love your blog banners ! honestly !


I love my husband and son... and your valentine trees are super cute too!!

Regina Jones

your designs are beautiful! I love my family they are the reason I do all that I do!

Angie A

Right now this second I LOVE looking at my new puppy Forrest..he is sleeping with my golden they look soooo cute together...cant go get the camera...if they hear me go upstairs...they will wake up and all that cuteness will be over...

Jen Davis

I couldn't decide on which to share, so I'll share all three! =)

1. Thing - hmmmmmm...I'd have to say the secretary desk that my dad gave to me that has been in my family for a very long time
2. Person(s) - tie between my dh and my dd
3. Place - home! =)

Those trees are adorable!


Jennifer C

I could state the obvious... my family, scrapbooking, photography... but with the weather we are having, I am choosing to say "I love Key West" and wish I was there right now! I could do without any more snow or ice.


I love (among many other things)WARM weather and the warmer the better! Thanks for spreading the love ;)

Cathy K.

I love the New York Botanical Garden - it's my favorite place in the city. Just thinking about Spring and the Garden makes me happy! Your valentine trees also make me smile!

Jen Samanka

I love the amazing thoughts that 6 yr olds have. Last night as we were leavng for scouts, my son said Dad can fill in for Mr. B if he is not there. Dad is the spare. (Dad is the asst cub master) Guess that could be consider a spare!!

I love looking into his eyes when he is laughing or telling me a story that is very important to him.

Jennifer Schultz

I love my big blue chair. Its huge, overstuffed and a bit grungy. But I can snuggle with more than one child for stories, Or curl my whole self right up when browsing magazines. And if its empty for a minute, one of our dear old dogs sneak up for a nap there. Best seat in the house:)

Amy Coose

amazing designs! one thing I love is Texas-since I am there visiting my family right now.

Sarah L

I love my husband and my son and the new baby we are expecting in August!!

Debbie O

I love the sound of my daughters laugh. It always make me smile!


The thing's I love the most is my family, my health and my friends. I also love SCRAPBOOKING, but that is a given.


Just discovered your blog and I love it!!!

Tricia Wilson

Your kits are darling! I am loving that little tree.

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