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September 14, 2008



WOW,,, I am so happy for you Patti. I am sure you will sell ALOT. You have such a nack for making very nice things. Best of luck to you !!!


I LOVE everything you create...and your shop looks awesome! I wish you lots of luck in this new adventure.


Congrats on your open door and grand new venture! I'm pretty sure it will be all that you want and more. How could it not be, you are talented, creative and positive, three most important qualities!


SO great of you! I will absolutely put the word out! I am already wanting one of the t- shirts ! I'm positive it will take off! Will you feature any of your painting... artwork ? Way to go!


Congretz on you etsy store and the cafepress. Love them both.
The little Halloween book in your etsy store is sooooooo adorable. Love it.

Good luck with your little shop.

Lots of love, es


I love those treat bags you made! CUTE!

I know this is right up your alley, so I know you will enjoy it! Good luck Patty!


Ohhh, I just clicked onto the CafePress, and I think I need one of each! hehehe! ;)


WhoooooHoooooo! I have been waiting for you to announce it. I now will link you up on my blog... Not that (my blog) will bring many viewers but you never know. Great job. Can't wait to see more!

Angie Aleszczyk

Very nice patty...great for opening your own door..good luck..cant wait to see all your cool stuff..



Hey Patty!

Congrats on both of your new ventures! I love the things you have already posted on Etsy, and I think your products on the CafePress site look terrific! I can't wait to see other products that you will be offering.

You do have such a great eye for color and design! I'm glad that you are going to keep blogging, and have found an outlet for your creative, wonderful work. What a terrific outlet for you, and that fact that we can purchase some of your items is terrific for us, too! (Frankly, I'm jealous...I don't want to work, but have to. I wish I could stay at home & "play" all day with scrapbooking projects. Maybe when I retire in another 20 years??)

Anyhow, thanks for all you do, and best of luck. I am sure I will be purchasing your items for the holidays that are just around the corner!

Bye for now,
Leslie (from Delaware)

P.S. I have taken Kinnon Keepsakes classes with you & Amy at CKC Valley Forge in 2006 and 2008...loved the projects!

gigi kennedy

omgosh! this is fantastic!!!!!

oooh oooh!!! since it is halftime on the eagles game i'm going to go etsy-ing :)



Sarah Lambert

Awesome as always...do I feel a kit club coming on?!?!?! You have such a knack for pairing things!!
Good Luck


Congratulations and good luck Patty! I can't wait to shop your store.

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