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August 03, 2008



Sounds like the convention was so much fun!!!! Your class project is beautiful! Did ya blow everyone away? You would never admit it... but I bet you did! Can't wait to hear all about it... call me!

Petrina McDonald

"Stuff" LOL!! I remember on my first teaching prac my lecturer informed me that I said "ok?" waaay too many times! And I wasn't even teaching a lesson on oks. I am sure you totally rocked the convention too Patty - legend!!! I'd love to take a class by you one day :)
And fancy the tooth fairy waiting around for you to come home - that was very very nice of her. She is a very generous fairy I think!


omg!! Patty I so love your book about stuff. I love the bling.. I wish I could have taken your class.


more great stuff!!!
LOVE that mini Patty it looks awesome.

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