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July 21, 2008


Petrina McDonald

darn it. Just left a comment and forgot to do the verification thingo before I clicked out :x

I think I asked what a toeless timmy is. And I think I also said to Sarah: our summer holiday is only 6 weeks!!!

Have you had your big teaching gig yet Patty? How's it all going?

Chat soon, love P


sounds like you guys are having so much fun!! I love to stay in my pjs all day too!


I love your Summer Sum Ups ! I'm inspired now to make a Summer album... 2008 !


SO true.
I hate to say it outloud (ok I guess technically I'm not) but kind of looking forward to sept already :)
good stuff though patty....such good stuff you guys having going on...and you are going to have such a great album at the end!


so cooool! you are very inspiration... still waiting for my kick in the butt to get started on mine!

Ahhhh yes fall... my vacation starts then too!

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