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March 24, 2008


Tonya Doughty

awwww, poor sophie. I have a dog that will eat anything. Like on easter morning when he realized there were EGGS, real live eggs just laying around in places he could get to. And eat, shells and all, in big, tasteless gulps, trying like mad to inhale as many as possible before being found out.
I had heard a rumor that dogs weren't supposed to have grapes and raisins and now you've verified it. Should I send you the $60?


8-O Sixty dollars!!!!! You are kidding???!!!!! And my parents' dog used to eat grapes all the time...what's with that???

Sarah Lambert

I know this feeling all too well from when Molly ate a handful of Flinstones vitamins and I had to call the number. I was completely outraged at the charge....what if someone didn't have the money..then what would they do? Glad I did and like Sophie, Molly came through the vitamin overdose just fine.

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