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May 03, 2007



What a sweet card! I love how all those memories came back to you while you were doing it.


Awesome card Patty, love how you journaled over the top of the photo and what awesome memories to keep.


This is so cool!! I love what you did with the text on the picture!!! Nice, that all the memories came back... easy to remember sometimes, the small things!


patty this is so awesome! i love how you did the list over the pic...so cool! & snazzy!!!

& how do you remember all of that!!!???? you are amazing! my mind is mush now...

but you've inspired me to dig out a pic (& make sure that i get one of the kids rooms pronto!!) & see what memories come back...i may be surprised :)


you did a great job on it , love it very much .

going to make youre exercises 8 today

beth j

very cool card. it's crazy to remember what we liked when we were kids.


Fantastic card. Love that picture

liz davidson

Brilliant!! What a great idea

Amy S Kyle-Percy

VERY COOL Patty! I LOVE the way you wrote items in the room and such. KILLER!

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