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May 28, 2007


beth j

the photos of sarah are beautiful! awesome job!


adorable pics of the kids, sarah looks beautiful, especially the couch shot! it's very funny - i took a picture of my daughter maddie at a bbq on sat. swinging a bat dressed in a very sweet dress and white sandles - i wish i can link the picture cause you'd laugh - cool little girls! happy memorial day.


Great Pictures! Picnic looks fun! I'm lovin your header... and I love how you change it up from time to time!


sarah is gorgeous! & i love how she doesn't let the girly stuff get in the way of having some fun! that's my kind a gal!!!

hope you had a nice long weekend!!


The kids are adorable. Great pictures. Love, es.


Awww, what a BEAUTIFUL picture of Sarah! Very sweet. :)

Petrina McDonald

you HAVE been busy! So glad for you that Summer is on its way - it is the best season! Gorgeous photos.
P :)

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