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May 31, 2007


Aunt Sue

That kid is a hoot! Love the inside-out mask - "that's the way it's suppose to be"

beth j

that's awesome! look at those eyes, they are beautiful! go robin!


I think he looks precious! My 6 yr old Christopher loves to dress up and we have the same ninja turtle mask that he wears all the time!


These pictures are cracking me up Patty! I love how imaginative kids can be :)

Sarah Lambert

Very Cute....I have to tell you I haven't bought a monthly page kit in a while b/c I am trying to come up with my own ideas....go figure. Well I loved May's kit and bought and put it together and I remember why I love getting them...you always put a cool product I have never tried before in there and I actually use it. For May it was the Thickers and I actually went to KK and bought 3 more packs!! Thanks for making me try new things :)

Petrina McDonald

OMG that mask cracks me up too!!! I thought it was a pair of undies when I first saw it!!!! ha ha ha!! Gorgeous boy.

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