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May 30, 2007


Sarah Lambert

Love this LO. I will be at Kinnon's for a class on Sat. and have to pick up the felt...also loved the American Crafts letters in the May Page Kit!!


Okay, I'm back "in" (the game).
I'll send you link when I finish the challenge! Oh, I lOVE how you use the acrylic paint!

Karla D.

OOOO OOOOO OOOOOO I did one! Here's mine!!!!


Amber Benton

SO PRETTY! Wow, love the challenge, love the answer! =D Have a beautiful day..



Cute, cute, cute!!!! I am thinking! I have been in teacher gift haven here. I hope I can get this one done! I have tons of felt!


Patty that is just gorgeous!
What an awesom challenge.
Karla your layout is beautiful :)

I made a keyring instead of a layout its on my blog.



ok, here it is...
a quicky. i recently came across this photo of me, my brother & sister. this is one of my favorite pics and i remember taking this picture, my father was so annoyed cause he couldn't get a "nice" picture of us. and i wonder where my kids get it from???

Rebecca Geach

Patty... I have always *LOVED* that quote by Robin Williams... what a guy!!
I cant wait to get into all these challenges I have missed... I did some sketches while I was on holidays :-) SAD I know :-) but in a GOOD way ;-).... will share soon (I hope!)
Thanks for these challenges Patty, as always they are GREAT!

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