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May 16, 2007



That page is simply divine! Love it!


i've been out of it for a while, but i am making it a point to sit and scrap.
i have the same pool paper!!! and when i read your challenge, i immediately thought of that paper! well, i have to dig out my "not so perfect" pics. with my 2 kids never wanting to pose - i have lots of pics to choose from.


ok, here it is...
i had a hard time using this paper - not sure why i bought it in the first place. we tried so hard to get a perfect picture of my parents with all their grandkids and it just didn't work out. it was fun trying though.

Karla Dudley

Ok...this challenge is pretty darn cool! You LO is freakin' off the chain! I would not know that you used less than wonderful stuff and still...your photos don't look bad. You are so talented!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You have a creative day today and thanks for sharing with us!



Patty you ROCK!!! This LO is phenomenal...I can't wait to see you again this summer at CKC!


Thought I would have problems with this one, finding it hard to create lately let alone do it with a blurry photo.
Ended up all comming together nicely though.


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