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March 19, 2007



Yes those words really cut right to the heart of a Mother.....I feel your pain I know what you are feeling.......I have 3 kids 2 girls 1 boy and even though Mathew is the oldest he never really said "Mom please dont kiss me in front of of friends"I guess because he was a "BIG" kid growing up and if someone made fun of him well he would flatten them!!!! NO really I think boys are much more sweeter than girls.. Enjoy them now Patty while they are little still....


awwwwwww...and please tell me that tears were in your eyes! (b/c they are in mine just THINKING @ this!)

ok...gotta look back at my note to self from last week....i'm so dreading all of this...you'll have to help me thru it...o.k?

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