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March 21, 2007


Sarah Lambert

You are amazing!!!!!


Great prompt, will be a challenge for me having all boys. Looking forward to playing with some girly things!


Well I love spring & Flowers too... I am going to cheat just a bit on this weeks challenge....I did this layout last week and well it has lots of flowers...I will however do something else for this challenge.


i'm so green w/ envy at the one lucky gal who is going to receive this! what an amazing gift!!!

& love this week's challenge. LOVE flowers...as you may have guessed?


Love this idea. You are so creative. Happy Spring.


wow - is all i can say! your tag and card set are amazing! i've been big on the flower thing so this should be lots of fun.


Wow! I love, love, love those cards! It is so very Patty! You certainly leave your mark... I bet she will love them! How very nice!!!

I usually have an idea pop into my head for your challenges but all I hear this time is those crickets again!!! We will see how it goes this weekend!



This is so cute!!!! Love your execises...
Think will use them....


I did this project with my Mom in mind...I know she will take it to work with her I am sure it will brighten up her desk...I got the birdhouse fence at AC Moore I used Making Memories paper and Spring Paint collection then I put my Quick Cutz tool to work...Making the flowers some are cut from paper and others are stamped with the Rockers stamp kit.. I just love tha fact that I can turn a die cut into a stamp...
Well thanks again Patty for a great challenge.


Rebecca Geach

I wish it were spring here.. but I love autumn too much.

Thanks for another great challenge Patty:



not sure if my 1st post went through, so i'm posting agian incase...
here are my flowers. a couple of cards and a journal that i did for myself (now i just have to start writing in it.


here is mine:


& patty i know i've told you already...but thanks so much for doing this. i'm so loving this!!!

happy wednesday my friend!!

Sarah Lambert

I took pictures of my niece on her bike for this page. I don't get to use a lot of girly stuff (having a boy and all) so this was fun.

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