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March 14, 2007



you are a freakin' genius! i love this idea!

& you know, honestly the timeline of wednesday should be pretty good for me...i just got slammed last week w/ some other things that railroaded the whole she-bang. but i'm open to whatever the peanut gallery thinks....

hope your wednesday was happy (despite the crazy busyness!!)

Ronda P.

Really cool challenge. I think I am going to have to jump onto this one. Hmmm maybe with some baby Finn Pictures. Since you're into movie quotes: "I'll be back!"


I vote keep it at a week, its not a big thingy if you cant get it done in the week, not like Patty is gonna give us a D for being late lol

Love the whole idea of this week, I love my scraps, I keep everything!!

Patty, love the paper at the bottom of the layout (green with numbers) I had some of that and used it all, cant get it anymore... I loved it

Stacy Marks

I thought you were going to take a break? I am glad you did not. This is another good one! I love your page with litle Sarah on it. How sweet! I love it! I think Wednesday to Wednesday is a good time frame because you get a few days to think about it and the weekend to play. But I am good with whatever! Love ya!


Weekly is good for me...Like someone else said ya have a few days to think about it then you have the weekend to play with you idea....But what ever you do I am sure we all will follow..I love doing challenges..


well, here it is...
i hope my link works, if not please let me know what i'm doing wrong.
i was actually working on week 3's challenge, using one of the 1st pieces of paper i bought a couple years ago. now i know why i have not used it - major creative block. week 3 became week 4. so i figure i'd combine the 2. all the scraps are old and so are most of the emelishments i used. but i got the sparkly letters and some new scaps mixed in.
- i'm loving these challenges and as a beginner it's teaching me so much!!!
thanks and i'm looking forward to next week.


Ok here is mine for this week. It was fun looking through all the stuff I had almost forgotten about...Thanks Patty for another great challenge..


Angie and Ellyn love your pages :)

Here is mine. I keep all my scraps so I had lots to choose from!


Patty, re the comments on my blog...as long as you post them I will do them lol
Challenges are the only way im gettin scrapping done lately.


really loved this one...

now i *heart* scraps!!!


happy tuesday! talk to you soon! gigi


Wednesday's are good. I look forward to a new challenge every week. looking for this week's??

Rebecca Geach

Patty... This one was SO MUCH FUN, I often use my scraps, but not ONLY scraps ~made it a really cool challenge~



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