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March 07, 2007



Love the challenge, what a cool idea!!
Gorgeous layout :)

Ronda P

Awesome layout! One of these days I'm going to have to pick up on this challenge!

Amy Kinnon

Just so you know I look at this every week and I wish I had time. Maybe next week. I love this idea. Maybe I'll surprise you and in a couple weeks I will complete them all. OK, maybe not, but we can all dream! Can't wait to see all the great things.


Done mine!
This was fun Patty, thanks :)

Something old is pink braid and something new is the pp.


Thanks again Patty for makings us get our stuff out of the bags on onto paper.....
I did this layoutthis past weekend at Amy's Weekender..
The Something Old are those little flowers retangles..got those years ago in a shrink swap....
The something New is the Chatter Box Doogle Genie I used.
The something sparkley is that little fire fly...
and the something Blue is the paper I matted the picture on....
Thanks again Patty I love doing this every week.


I am having real trouble this morning....
Here is my layout for the #3 week..

The old is those little flowers squares..got them in a shrink swap years ago..
The New ...Chattter Box Doodle Genie
The sparkley is the little fire fly
The Blue is the paper I mounted the photo on..Thanks Patty....



ok...here is #3...totally loved this one...& i think it started w/ the "old"...i got to use one of my favorite pics of my dog when he was a puppy. he is the best "old" ever!! :)



i love this challenge , just found it today and want to play along .

gone do it next week .

greetings Roos
from holland

Rebecca Geach

Such fun.. thanks again Patty!!



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