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February 28, 2007



duh...put my comment on the wrong post!

patty...this is a great one!! geez, i'd love a sneeky peek at that legal pad...oh the creative juices would be pouring out!! lol!!


Love this idea, cant wait to get started!!

Stacy Marks

Okay dear. Last week I had good intentions but fell short on time. But this week... I don't even have to think about it, I know what I am doing already!!!! :)

Love ya-


i'm already working on it - great idea!


I did it!!!! I have TONS of photos that I can not bare to toss away ya know the kind that just dont meet the Scrapbooking look....
Well I came up with an idea how to use them and thats to you Patty I had real fun doing this one....


Done mine, this was a cool idea. My letter was "G" for games night!


Angie, family faces looks great :)

Sarah Lambert

Loved this challenge and although my layout is simple it challenged me to use one letter and I further challenged myself to use only Black and White. I am driven by color so this was different for me.


i did it! now hope you can open the link!
i picked c for coffee. the other day i woke up to no coffee beans in the house and realized my entire day was thrown off because of it.


here is ellyn's....her link didn't work, but her layout is amazing!!! so i want to make sure everyone gets to looky-loo!


i'll be back w/ mine...probably at the last minute....again! ;)


ok...still working on my REAL submission for this week...but here's one in the meantime...LOVE this one...i could do a million projects w/ this!!!

(& great work everyone!! LOVIN' those letters!!)


ok....here's the link.....


i think i need some coffee


at long last! i finished my project!!!! have i told you yet how much i'm lovin' this???? well, patty...I AM!!! thanks for another great challenge...now i'm off to do flex #3


Rebecca Geach

This was a great one... really enjoyed it thanks Patty.



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