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February 21, 2007



interesting....very interesting....i've gotta think @ this one....this'll be fun!!

& btw...LOVE how your project came out! love that pink & green

Stacy Marks

Okay...what to do? I guess since you mentioned me, I better make it something good. Maybe I will write on it! Love your project!


Love that! I have an old grocery list that I found in the pocket of my grandma's coat a few years ago. After she passed away. I couldn't bear to throw it out. So I saved it thinking I would do something with it. Now you sparked my creative juices! Hmmmm what to do...what to do...


Hmm, dont live near family so i cant do what you did, but i love that quote so will certainly do somethng with it!


Decided to do a card that I will have sitting on an easel in my scrap room. This was fun!
You can see the card here.


Ronda P

Totally awesome idea. We have lost that art of letter writing which does capture their personality. I think I will have to do this (maybe after the cruise). So cool!


Love it I read the assigment the other day and today BAMM!!!!! it hit me I got a great idea.....Do you want us and how do we post our finished project..... I gotta get started before I loose my though... My DT projects for Amy will have to wait till tommorow.....Thanks for che great challenge....


Holy Mac!!!! You are freakin awesome!!!! So glad you got in touch....WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!



Ohhh Patty, what are we going to do with you?

But, you are so right, everytime I get a card in the mail, I always try to figure it out who it is from by the handwritting.

This project definiately has my mind going!


ok...i'm all done & will post my completed layout tomorrow...gotta get the pic in the sunlight :) this was soooooo fun!!!!


I found you through Emily's challenge. I love those candy buttons, too. Cute, cute card.

I like your idea here for gathering handwriting. It's amazing how precious and valuable it becomes after we lose a loved one!


ok....here we go...i'm all flexed up!!!


can't wait to see what comes next!!!


I did this layout this morning....It also is some of the stuff for the DT Amy gave us...So it's 2 for the price of 1 love it when things work out that way..


OK lets try this again...

Sarah Lambert

Here is my shot at the challenge.

Rebecca Geach

Patty.... I found you via Gigi from Emily (if that makes sense :-))...

So happy to have found another series of challenges, and yours are great.

So here is my take on Exercise 1:


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