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April 01, 2011


Nicole K.

i LOVE this patty!! totally going to do this with the kiddos!


Oh brilliant. And simple. And beautiful. A great combination.

Ebabee likes

Love this idea. Simple but beautiful. I'm wondering if you can use different coloured scented candles and then the decorations will have a fragrance too. Just a thought.


I remember doing something like this in school many (many many many) years ago, but it was for Christmas.

Barb LIberti

I am going to Vermont to visit my grandchildren. What a great thing to do with them while I'm there. Can't wait.

Caryn Ross

Like this idea!! Really simple and easy as kids activities! Will find a way to add this to my kids activity blog. Thanks!


These are gorgeous! I have seen lots of ways to make eggs this year, but this one was new! Thanks for sharing.

Jennifer, visiting from www.http://naturalparentsnetwork.com/ !


Awesome! Thanks for the idea! How fun! I think it would be fun to make a sun and flowers for the windows too- with pipe cleaners attached for a flower stems! Wow! We can all run with this one...Christmas trees..etc! Thanks again!!!


that's pretty cool :D I'll have to try this with my son next year, I think he'll get a real kick out of it :P


So creative...my daughter will love to try this progect..thank u for sharing


Super cute ideas! I'll have to make note of this so I remember when Easter gets closer.

Katherine Rocha

I would like to copy this idea for our Easter as well. The kids will love this one.

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