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January 22, 2011


Lisa Prokop

Awesome! As I've been sewing the past week or so I've been feeling that I should organize my fabric by color. It would probably make it so much easier to find what I am looking for. But the thought of attempting to do that is VERY frightening!

Angie Aleszczyk

It's funny.....looking at your paper.....I have alot of the SAME ones...we must have shopped at the same place..LOL
thats a good idea for your PP....I think I might have to do that for my ODD BALL papers...I do have them sorted by stripes...dots....flowers, ect....having things in order makes crafting a bit more fun...


Man those little bins from Oil of Olay fit *perfectly* in there. It's like they were made for that larger bin. I do love being organized; it's such a great feeling once it's done. Also love your scrap paper rainbow. One day I want to do that with my clothes in my closet.

One day...

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